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Some Weird & Funny & Surprising Holiday Gifts for the Dental-Minded

You know how important it is for kids to get an early start when it comes to learning about their teeth and how to take care of them.

So do the toy companies.

There are play sets


board games….

That “patient” looks none too confident, though. Maybe it’s because he’s seen his “dentist” practicing with this:

Interestingly, a different – perhaps earlier – version of this play set includes gold Play-Doh, not mercury amalgam gray.

Make-believe toxic dentistry – the perfect gift this holiday season, right?

At least it’s a little more exciting than the flavored dental floss and “fun” toothbrushes that Delta Dental is suggesting as “teeth-friendly stocking stuffers”.

But why limit dental-themed gifts to the kids?

For instance, how about a lovely, silver dental charm, such as these dentures?

Or better yet, jewelry made with teeth?

Maybe some art?

You could even go a little crazy and give a tattoo

– if not on the skin, on the skin of your teeth:

This kind is supposedly very popular in Japan:

But maybe you prefer something practical – like a $295 toothpaste squeezer.

Want something more high tech? How about a USB-powered toothbrush? Or a toothbrush cam, so you can see your teeth all up-close-and-personal while you brush, just as they look to a dentist?

Or maybe not.


Happy holidays, everyone!

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