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Case History: “A True Healing Miracle”

This week, I’d like to share a case history with you as it’s presented in David and Linda Freud’s recent book, The Healing Gift.

Linda is a medical intuitive I have known for some time. And what is a “medical intuitive”? As the book description explains, “Like a forensic psychic brought in to solve a crime, a medical intuitive is a medical psychic detective, brought in to find the hidden causes of medical conditions that have eluded conventional doctors and diagnostic lab tests.”

For the case recounted below, Linda referred a gentleman to me who had been diagnosed with heart disease, which she found had been influenced by dental conditions – particularly the presence of mercury and nickel, along with associated oral galvanism. As you will see – and as the gentleman, a rabbi, declared after treatment – “I have witnessed a true healing miracle of God…that has had a major impact on my physical health as well as on an emotional and spiritual level.”


From The Healing Gift by David Freud with Linda Freud (Basic Health Publications, 2010):

This story about Rabbi Moshe, an esteemed rabbi and scholar of Kabbalah living in Jerusalem, demonstrates the unique power of Linda’s gift. Rabbi Moshe had been experiencing shortness of breath and rapid heart beat for the last several years. In May 2001 a treadmill electrocardiogram showed that he experienced tachycardia and arrhythmia during physical exertion due to a significant oxygen deficiency caused by decreased circulation in the coronary arteries due to a buildup of arterial plaque. The test showed that he was experiencing chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath.

Step 1. The first health reading with Linda.
Rabbi Moshe’s first channeling session in December 2002 during a trip to Los Angeles revealed an array of health issues affecting his cardiovascular system:

  1. Mercury, nickel, and lead toxicity from fillings and bridges (cofactors for tachycardia).
  2. Dangerously high electrical current coming from a tooth (a cofactor for tachycardia).
  3. Fungal proliferation/gastrointestinal dysbiosis/acid pH.
  4. Poor circulation/insufficient oxygen.
  5. Excess cholesterol and oxidation of cholesterol due to the proliferation of free radicals.
  6. Mineral and trace mineral deficiencies.
  7. Emotional stress and exhaustion.

Linda channeled that dental issues were having a profoundly negative effect on the rabbi’s heart. When she got out her tooth chart she went over each tooth searching for heavy metals. She channeled that the remnants of both mercury and nickel had not been properly removed in two of his lower right molars (17 and18), which Rabbi Moshe mentioned were underneath what was part of a five-tooth bridge. Because he was set to return back to Israel the next day, Linda channeled one name from a list of biological dentists in Israel and stressed that upon his return Rabbi Moshe should have the dentist remove two other mercury amalgam fillings as part of the healing process. However, upon further channeling, Linda insisted that the Israeli dentist was incapable of safely removing the remaining mercury and nickel in teeth 17 and 18 under the bridge. That would have to wait until the rabbi returned to Los Angeles a few months later when he could see a specific dentist whom she recommended. This was Dr. Vernon Erwin, D.D.S., a talented biological dentist in the Los Angeles area whom Linda channeled was the right dentist not only for his technical brilliance, but also because he works closely with Linda on tough cases. As we will soon see, this bit of information proved to be critical.

Step 2. Treatment protocols.
Linda recommended a range of different natural cardiovascular remedies, which Rabbi Moshe took for the next six months. These included red yeast extract (to help lower LDL cholesterol), CoQ10, magnesium aspartate, taurine, mild cayenne pepper, and hawthorn berry extract. Other supportive products included an antioxidant, homeopathic fungal remedies, a green drink, probiotics, a liquid trace mineral formula, a lymphatic drainage remedy, a liver detox, a stabilized oxygen product, gem essences (for emotional stress), homeopathics for miasms, and a channeled anti-candida diet.

Step 3. Follow-up tests in Israel.
Upon his return to Israel, Rabbi Moshe immediately underwent a blood test prior to beginning the protocols Linda channeled. The test confirmed exactly what she had detected. Rabbi Moshe was still exhibiting an elevated level of cholesterol as well as a poor ratio of healthy HDL to harmful LDL cholesterol. The results of another treadmill test were reviewed by the chief cardiologist at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. He declared the rabbi’s health precarious and relayed that the recent stress teat proved he had significant coronary disease. The rabbi was experiencing tachycardia during physical exertion due to a significant oxygen deficiency caused by decreased circulation in the coronary arteries. When the rabbi expressed his interest in exploring alternative methods of treating his heart condition, the cardiologist became quite furious and declared in front of the rabbi’s wife, “I guarantee if you take that approach you will be a dead man within two years.” He urged the rabbi to immediately undergo an angioplasty procedure and also prescribed Lipitor.

After carefully weighing the risks versus rewards of this course of treatment, the rabbi decided to follow his gut instincts and continue on the path that he had started with Linda. His own research led him to conclude that the doctor’s approach to managing his case did not address the root causes of his heart condition that Linda had channeled (heavy metal toxicity, oxidized cholesterol, and dental electronconductivity issues). In addition, he reasoned that he could avoid angioplasty if he addressed these underlying issues and that his cholesterol issues could be effectively managed through a combination of dietary modification and supplements.

Step 4. Confirmation of Linda’s evaluation by Dr. Vernon Erwin, D.D.S.
When Rabbi Moshe flew back to Los Angeles a few months later with his dental records, I accompanied him to see Dr. Erwin. I explained to Dr. Erwin that Linda was concerned about the correlation between the rabbi’s teeth and his heart. After taking a new full-mouth panorex x-ray, Dr. Erwin measured the level of current in the bridge that contained teeth 17 and 18 utilizing an amperage metering device. Dr. Erwin was quite astonished when he tested tooth 18 and the device registered 53 microamps. He told me in the 40 years he had conducted this test, that this was one of the highest readings he had ever seen! A normal level of current coming off a tooth is usually 2 to 3 microamps. He then mentioned that the exact location of the abnormally high current was dangerously close to the vagus nerve, which leads directly to the heart. I will never forget when he said to Rabbi Moshe, “Well, of course you are having heart problems. Your heart is being electrocuted 24/7.”

Then Dr. Erwin completely removed the old bridge, including all of the mercury and nickel that Linda had identified. After the procedure was completed, he paused for a moment and said, “Since the rabbi came all the way from Israel to have this done, perhaps we should have Linda come over just to make sure that all the toxic metals were completely removed.”

After Linda arrived, she got out a tooth chart and her pendulum. With her left index finger over tooth 17 on the chart, the pendulum, which she was holding in her right hand, spun to the right, indicating that the tooth was clear of all mercury and nickel. She then put her finger over tooth 18. When she asked if this tooth was now free of mercury, the pendulum spun affirmatively to the right. However, when she asked if tooth 18 was free of all nickel, the pendulum swung to the left, indicating nickel was still in the root area of the tooth. Dr. Erwin then checked to see if he could visually confirm what Linda was getting. After taking a close look, he told her he could not see any remaining nickel. She checked again with the pendulum and told him she was still getting the same information.

Dr. Erwin decided to do some more exploratory drilling to see if he could uncover the nickel. After drilling a while, he told Linda he still did not see anything. She checked again and reported that she was still getting the same results: toxic nickel was still there. “Keep drilling toward the anterior side of tooth 18 between 2 and 3 o’clock and you will find it,” she told Dr. Erwin. He did as she suggested and a minute later announced in an excited voice that he had found it and cleaned it out. Linda then confirmed that the nickel had indeed been completely removed from tooth 18.

Dr. Erwin was completely astonished by what had just happened. He remarked that the nickel had completely ionized very deep in the root area and looked like black soot. Rechecking the x-rays, he told me that what Linda had channeled had been completely undetected by the x-ray because the nickel had ionized into a sootlike substance. He then declared that if Linda had not told him twice to keep drilling, the entire procedure would not have been a success. The whole time the rabbi was sitting in the dental chair, he was aware that he was witnessing an authentic miracle of healing. He remarked in front of us, “Thank you God for allowing this miracle to happen.” Upon a follow-up visit with Linda the next day, the rabbi reported that the tachycardia had completely ceased. Linda channeled that as a result of this one procedure the vitality of his heart had improved 35 percent!

Step 5. Follow-up care.
After returning to Israel, Rabbi Moshe continued on a regime of supplements that strengthened his heart function and reduced cholesterol and triglycerides before successfully completing a heavy metal detoxification program Linda designed. One year later Rabbi Moshe was feeling much stronger and the shortness of breath had essentially disappeared. Of Linda’s healing gift, Rabbi Moshe stated, “I have witnessed a true healing miracle of God through his angels that has had a major impact on my physical health as well as on an emotional and spiritual level.”

Dr. Erwin said of the miracle that he witnessed: “We send our thanks and blessings to Linda Freud for her help and cooperation in this fascinating case. Without her mastery in the area of health we could not practice with the precision required to help our patients recover their health. Her observations and revelations were 100 percent accurate and 100 percent helpful in my treatment of the dental condition of Rabbi Moshe.”


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Is There a Battery in Your Mouth?: Oral Galvanism


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Inflammation: A Link Between Dental and Chronic, Systemic Illnesses

When we think of symptoms, we usually do so very subjectively. For symptoms make us feel bad – not just physically, but mentally and spiritually, too, since our physical limitations may keep us from doing the things we want or need to do. Thus, we tend to see symptoms as things that must be stopped. And thus, conventional medicine provides all kinds of symptom-suppressing drugs and therapies. But since they fail to address root causes, illness gets pushed deeper into the body, creating more problems – and more symptoms – in the long run.

Suffice it to say, this is a very limited – and limiting – view of both sickness and health.

When we think about symptoms from a holistic, biological perspective, though, we see them as signs of a body trying to heal itself. For the body is a self-regulating system, always striving for homeostasis – the condition of being the same: normal temperature, normal levels of constituents in the blood, and so on. So when, for instance, a foreign substance enters it – pathogenic (disease-causing) microbes, say – your body's defenses go to work to try to neutralize or remove the invaders. You may run a fever, as heat kills some pathogens. You may sneeze, cough, vomit or get diarrhea as your body attempts to excrete toxins. Your tissues may become red, swollen and tender as lymphocytes battle the foreign element.

Thus, what the holistic practitioner wants to do is not help a patient “manage” an illness by suppressing symptoms but work towards real cure by providing treatment that supports the body in its ability to heal itself.




Inflammation is one of the most common symptoms of all. It is a factor in a whole host of disease processes, from periodontal (gum) disease to cardiovascular disease (CVD, or “heart disease”), diabetes to stroke, arthritis to cancer. It also plays a role across the range of autoimmune disorders, including multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) and Crohn's disease, as well as conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). In all such cases, the inflammation is chronic: ongoing, lasting for years, often before other symptoms are experienced or full-blown illness sets in. The body adapts, and over time, the inflammation becomes destructive. This is in contrast to acute inflammation – the kind that occurs, say, when you cut or burn yourself: an immediate and short term experience that encourages the healing process.

Periodontal Disease

In dentistry, inflammation is most commonly associated with gum disease. Gingivitis and periodontitis have many causes, including genetic predisposition, diet, hygiene, diabetes and stress, and eventually result in “pockets” forming between the teeth and supporting tissues.

When the gums are healthy, this space is less than three millimeters deep. But as inflammation sets in, the gums become red and puffy, and even normal brushing may cause them to bleed. The pockets deepen, becoming ideal homes for the oral bacteria that thrive in such dark, moist places. And as the microbes colonize and multiply, they also generate acidic, metabolic waste that further pollutes the body's biological terrain (internal environment). This, of course, perpetuates the disease which, if left untreated, ultimately leads to tooth and bone loss.

Fortunately, excellent home hygiene combined with regular deep, professional cleanings can stave off, stop or reverse periodontal disease, though in some cases, more extensive treatments such as laser surgery and tissue grafts may be needed to deal with the damage already done.

Over the past decade or so, much research has been done on the relationships between periodontal and other inflammatory diseases, and there are a number of interesting links. Some of the best evidence shows a relation between gum and heart disease, where we see the same pathogenic microbes in both the mouths and hearts of CVD patients. We also know that diabetes raises the risk of periodontal disease, while other links have been found between gum disease and cancer. These connections are recognized by orthodox dental medicine, as well as holistic. Consequently, even conventional dental researchers now acknowledge that good oral health and hygiene may be preventive of at least some systemic, inflammatory diseases.

Toxic Materials and Other Dental Sources of Inflammation

There are other dental conditions that can trigger inflammatory immune responses that can range from mild swelling and soreness to full-blown illnesses, including autoimmune disorders such as MS and lupus, and “enigmatic” illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and MCS.

In the case of dental materials, the issue is often one of biocompatibility. If a dentist places a filling, crown, bridge or other restoration made of material that is toxic (e.g., dental amalgam) or that the patient is allergic to, the patient may develop symptoms. Their severity and likelihood of progressing to chronic, systemic illness depend, of course, on the material itself and the patient's degree of sensitivity. Much depends, as well, on how effectively the patient can excrete toxins, their ongoing exposure to environmental toxins, their total toxic body burden and healthfulness of lifestyle (e.g., diet, drug use, tobacco use, physical activity).

Yet another issue with metal restorations in particular is oral galvanism: the creation of electrical currents in the mouth when different metals are near each other, close enough to be reactive. The mutual presence of gold and mercury is especially potent. Symptoms of oral galvanism may not be felt by the patient, or manifest merely as a metallic taste in the mouth or general sensitivity. But over time, these electrical fields can create great disturbances in the body, leading eventually to illness or dysfunction.

One other big area of concern is infection, both local and focal. Local dental infections include things like abscesses, which may be noticeable by touch (e.g., you can feel the sore with your tongue), as well as pain, pus or bleeding in the area. Focal infection is when infection in one area of the body, such as the mouth, affects other areas of the body.

Dental foci commonly stem from root canal teeth or cavitations (literally, holes in the jawbone), both of which – like periodontal pockets – are great harbors for pathogenic microbes. Indeed, in these cases, the environment is even more suited to infection, for both root canal teeth and cavitations involve dead tissue. Little oxygen reaches these sites, which is great for anaerobic microbes – organisms that thrive in the absence of oxygen. Their colonization furthers the decay of these tissues. However, because the sites are connected via the various circulatory systems, both microbes and their toxic waste products enter the body's general circulation. From there, they can wreak havoc elsewhere in the body. Indeed, this is a likely mechanism for the relationship between the systemic and oral diseases – gum disease and heart disease, say, or cancer.

The obvious solution, then, is to remove the source of infection. If problematic cavitations or root canal teeth are present, they must be, respectively, cleaned or removed and replaced with nontoxic, biocompatible restorations in order to stop the continuing toxication of the body. Once the source is removed, much more progress may be made in treating the systemic aspects of the disease and returning the body to full health. If mercury or other toxic restorations are the issue, they should be safely removed and replaced for the same reason.

That said, if you have a chronic condition such as CVD, lupus or cancer, you can't just conclude that it's caused by your dental conditions. You don't just rush out and have thousands of dollars of dental work done immediately, and there are no instant cures. Thorough, comprehensive testing must always be done first to pinpoint the precise causes of any illness – or to rule them out. Then treatment must follow in a sensible, logical and scientifically valid way in order to insure that it's done right and helps, not harms. Proper detox protocols must be followed, and often further therapeutic interventions by naturopaths, homeopaths or other holistic healers are needed for full treatment. The dental aspect is just that – an aspect, albeit an important one. And it's rooted in what ties so much illness together: the inflammatory response, your body's attempt to heal.

Read more articles like this at our main office site, drerwin.com.


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