4 Holistic Health & Wellness Blogs to Know About

Allow us to take a break and do a little bit of promotion here – not for our office but a few of Dr. E’s colleagues and past guest writers with new or expanded blogs on holistic health and wellness. They’ve a lot of knowledge and wisdom to share!

  • Biological Dentist is from the office of Dr. Bill Glaros, an outstanding dentist practicing in Houston. Once focused almost solely on dental matters, it’s recently expanded to include more on nutrition, physical activity and other factors in achieving optimal oral and systemic health.
  • Naturopathic physician Dr. Chris Fabricius has just recently begun blogging on his Living Medicine site. If you’re interested in the energetic aspects of health and healing in particular, you’ll want to bookmark this site and visit regularly.
  • The Holistic Woman is Dr. Christina Grant, who you may remember from her post here on acid-alkaline balance this past summer. And don’t let the blog title fool you! Dr. Grant provides information and insight on natural health and wellness for men and women alike.
  • Last, you may also recall Jaymie Meyer from her guest post on reiki. Her Resilience Blog promises to be a great source for helpful tips on mindful, healthy living from this certified wellness professional.

Check them out, say hello and be sure to say how you found out about them!

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