A Note from This Year’s IABDM Meeting

This weekend, I’m in Carmel for the 25th Anniversary Meeting of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine – a group formed by two of my California colleagues: Gary Verigin, DDS and the late Ed Arana, DDS. Back in the 1980s, after repeatedly seeing each other at seminars on the advances in dental medicine then being made in Germany, the two began to share knowledge and resources – and an eagerness to learn everything possible about this new kind of dentistry.

One evening, after a class with German naturopath Andreas Marx, they talked about bringing more of the best German biological dentists to the US to teach them. Wanting to share this knowledge with the best American dentists, they dreamt of a global network of dentists committed to biological principles. They could share knowledge, technology and insight. They could establish standards of care. They could build a canon of legitimate scientific knowledge. And there would be strength in numbers.

That evening, the American Academy of Biological Dentistry was born.

Several years ago, the name was changed to better reflect the Academy’s global membership and the integral relationship between dentistry and medicine. Yet the IABDM mission continues: providing opportunities for biological dentists, physicians and allied practitioners to meet, network and share research and knowledge that helps us provide the best integrative care to our patients.

This year (PDF), two of the key figures in the ongoing fight to end toxic dentistry will be speaking about their latest research: biochemist Dr. Boyd Haley, on the relationship between mercury exposure and Alzheimer’s disease; and
dental researcher Dr. Hal Huggins, on reasons for the astronomical rise in conditions such as MS and ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

Also presenting will be naturopath Dr. Louisa Williams (author of the excellent book Radical Medicine) and noted oral pathology expert Jerry Bouquot, DDS – and I’m looking forward to learning more from both of them, too.

For as I wrote before, I’m a continual student

The professional man has no right
to be other than a continuous student.

G.V. Black, DDS

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